Section 22 Agreements

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What Are Section 22 Agreements?

Section 22 Agreements are designed for individuals seeking to legally assume Parental Rights and Responsibilities for minor children. These responsibilities encompass Care, Contact, Guardianship, and Maintenance. This agreement is particularly relevant for grandparents, secondary caregivers, or individuals connected to a deceased parent, or anyone willing to undertake Maintenance obligations and provide Care or Contact for the minor children.

Our Mediation Services:

We specialize in facilitating the mediation process for these cases. Our team will assist you in drafting a Section 22 Agreement, ensuring it is comprehensive and legally enforceable once it is recognized as an Order of Court.

Service Inclusions:

The process for a Section 22 Application includes up to 2 hours of mediation, along with the preparation of the finalized application documents.

How We Can Help

Why Choose Family Divorce Mediators?

Reduced Emotional Strain

Family divorce mediators provide a more amicable environment compared to traditional divorce proceedings. This approach significantly reduces the emotional stress and animosity often experienced in adversarial court battles, benefiting not just the couple but also any children involved.

Control over the Outcome

In mediation, both parties have a say in the final agreement, allowing for more control over the outcome. This contrasts with court decisions where a judge makes the final call, often without a deep understanding of the family's unique dynamics.


Mediation is typically more cost-effective than litigation. Since it usually requires less time and fewer resources, it can significantly reduce the financial burden of the divorce process.

Time Efficiency

The mediation process is generally faster than going through the courts. This expedited approach means that couples can move forward with their lives more quickly, without the prolonged stress of a drawn-out legal battle.


Unlike court proceedings, which are public, mediation is a private process. What is said in mediation stays in mediation, offering a level of discretion and confidentiality that many couples prefer.

Improved Communication & Post-Divorce Relationship

Mediators help facilitate better communication between the parties. This can be particularly beneficial for maintaining a cooperative relationship post-divorce, which is crucial for co-parenting and ongoing family interactions. By learning to resolve disputes amicably, couples can set a positive tone for future interactions.

Our Clients

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” Stella, I truly appreciated all of your assistance through this process. You were always very friendly and helpful. I liked your openness and candor with us; it helped. You are much more than a family Mediator. You were a genuine person who is very caring and thoughtful. Thank you for all of your time and work.“
Jannie Du Plessis
” They were superb in understanding what I’m going through and how expeditiously it’s to be achieved with less pain! “
Ntembeko Njovane
” Got an immediate response and have found a wonderful person to assist with a legal matter I needed assistance with!!!!”
Irene Holloway


A Section 22 Agreement refers to a specific clause under South Africa’s Mediation in Certain Divorce Matters Act. It allows divorcing couples to enter into a written agreement concerning the custody and access to their minor children, ensuring the best interests of the children are prioritized.

At Family Divorce Mediators, we facilitate discussions between divorcing parties to reach an amicable agreement regarding the care and contact of their children. Our founder, Stella, and our team of experts provide guidance to ensure that the agreement aligns with legal standards and serves the best interests of the children involved.

Yes, once a Section 22 Agreement is signed by both parties and approved by the court, it becomes legally binding. It is enforceable by law, and any violations can lead to legal repercussions.

Modifications to a Section 22 Agreement can be made if circumstances change significantly. However, any changes must be agreed upon by both parties and approved by the court to ensure continued compliance with South African family law.

If parties are unable to reach an agreement, the matter may be referred to court for a decision. Family Divorce Mediators strives to avoid this scenario by offering expert mediation services to help find a mutually acceptable solution.

Mediation offers a less confrontational, more cost-effective, and quicker way to resolve disputes compared to court proceedings. It allows both parties to have control over the outcome and focuses on the well-being of the children, making it a preferred method for handling sensitive issues like child custody and access.